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House Keeping Products

Housekeeping products encompass a diverse range, including Naphthalene Balls and Room Fresheners, essential for maintaining cleanliness and ambiance. Naphthalene Balls, available in various sizes and colors, act as potent agents against pests and odors. Their formulation ensures efficacy while their versatility suits diverse requirements. Room Fresheners, offered in kilograms, add a pleasant aroma to spaces, enhancing ambiance. Their chemical formula promotes long-lasting fragrance, catering to individual preferences. These products, integral to housekeeping, exhibit superior functionality and application across households and commercial spaces. With customizable sizes and formulations, they exemplify efficiency and convenience, meeting stringent cleanliness standards with ease.

Naphthalene ball

  • Size:depends on your req
  • Material:balls
  • Application:good
  • Function:agent
  • Color:all types
  • Weight:kgs Kilograms (kg)
  • Product Type:house keeping
  • Supply Ability:5000 Per Day
Price: 140 INR/Kilograms

Room Fresheners

Price: 20 INR/Liter