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House Cleaning Product
Introducing our versatile House Cleaning Product! With Tile Cleaner Concentrate for tough grime, Floor Cleaner for sparkling surfaces, and Glass Cleaner for streak-free shine. Formulated with eco-friendly ingredients, its chemical formula ensures effective cleaning. Suitable for all surfaces, it's easy to use and leaves a refreshing scent. Transform your home today!
White Phenyl Concentrate
Introducing our White Phenyl Concentrate! Its pristine white color enhances cleanliness. Available in customizable sizes and formulated in kilograms, this liquid cleaning chemical offers a potent formula. Ideal for various applications, it ensures effective cleaning with a refreshing fragrance. Experience its powerful formulation and transform your cleaning routine today!
Pine Oil Emulsifier
Discover our Pine Oil Emulsifier, boasting a 10X Grade purity for superior performance. This brownish-yellow liquid, with a density of 0.98 kg/L, is specially formulated with fatty acids and solvents. Its unique design prevents layer separation, ensuring a seamless cleaning experience. Miscible in water, it forms a milky emulsion, perfect for diverse applications.
Acid Slurry
Acid Slurry, an industrial-grade washing agent, is crucial for making cleaning products like washing powder and liquid soaps. Its formula varies, ensuring tailored performance, and purity can be adjusted per order. Derived from raw materials, it efficiently tackles tough stains, catering to household and industrial cleaning needs, meeting stringent standards.
Soap & Hand Wash
Elevate your handwashing experience with a sunshine-yellow soap enriched with hydrating glycerin. Available in all sizes, this bar soap features colorful speckles for a gentle yet powerful cleanse. Glycerin keeps hands supple, while its formula effectively removes dirt and germs, ensuring a refreshing feel. Perfect for daily use, maintaining pristine hand hygiene at home, work, or anywhere essential.
House Keeping Products
Housekeeping Products, like Naphthalene Balls and Room Fresheners, are vital for cleanliness and ambiance. Naphthalene Balls combat pests and odors, available in varied sizes and colors. Room Fresheners, in kilograms, offer enduring fragrances tailored to preferences. Essential for households and commercial spaces, they ensure efficiency, meeting strict cleanliness standards effortlessly.
Turkey Red Oil
Turkey Red Oil, a plant-based cleaning agent derived from castor oil, is available in various sizes. Its color varies but is often brown. It's free of harsh chemicals, making it safe for various cleaning tasks. This water-mixable oil acts as a degreaser, stain remover, and emulsifier, and is often used in textiles, cosmetics, and light-duty cleaning applications.
Pine Oil
Experience the power of Pine Oil, extracted from raw materials in a concentrated form. This 10X Grade cleaning agent, with a weight of 50 kg, embodies the essence of pine. Its potent formula ensures effective cleaning in housekeeping tasks. Harness its concentrated strength for a pristine home environment.
Thickener, also known as concentrated acid thickener, is a high purity (10X grade) industrial thickener with high molecular weight (in kgs). This raw material exists as a good quality (good appearance) powder or liquid and is ideal for thickening acidic solutions. It's specifically designed for manufacturing toilet cleaners, enhancing their clinging properties and effectiveness.
Industrial Chemicals
Industrial Chemicals presents Caustic Soda, crucial for producing cleaning agents. Its chemical formula NaOH makes it highly effective for various applications. From manufacturing detergents to removing stubborn stains, its caustic properties ensure thorough cleaning. With precise formulation, it delivers exceptional results, essential for industrial cleaning needs.
Chemical Supplies
Chemical Supplies offers premium-grade compounds for crafting cleaning agents. Formulated with precision, their chemical formulae ensure efficacy. Used in making cleaning solutions, they boast accurate composition, guaranteeing non-toxicity and purity. Safe for various applications, they epitomize quality and reliability, essential for maintaining hygiene standards in diverse settings.